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About Us

Fixed Price Plumbing is owned and operated by Reuben Cutts and Justin Barber. With our team of plumbers, gas fitters and drain layers we have been serving Auckland since 1999.


Fixed Price Plumbing was started in 1999 when Reuben and Justin saw a need in the market to provide fixed price plumbing services. The concept of fixed price plumbing took off immediately and all these years later it is still very popular.

“People like to know what they are going to pay and they don’t like surprises”  says Reuben Cutts.

Alot of the business we get is referral work. We do a good job for a client and don’t overcharge. They in turn tell others and we are busy with a steady stream of plumbing, gas fitting, drainage, and maintenance plus commercial maintenance work.

Fixed Price Plumbing service the North Shore plus the greater Auckland region.


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